Dodona @ 2LinK2 posted on 4/28/2019

2LinK2 (opens new window) organizes its first conference on computational thinking (opens new window) for computer science and STEM educators on Thursday June 13, 2019 in Ghent, Belgium. In a hands-on workshop with Dominiek Vandewalle (College Waregem) and Alex Bervoets (Atheneum De Ring, Leuven) – two computer science educators in secondary schools – team Dodona introduces its intelligent tutoring system for learning computer programming in secondary education. Curious about exploring this online learning environment or looking for practical tips to get started with Dodona in secondary education? Registrations for the 2LinK2 conference are now open. We are looking forward to meeting you in person on the conference.


# Dodona: an online co-teacher for learning to code

Charlotte Van Petegem (Universiteit Gent), Dominiek Vandewalle (College Waregem), Alex Bervoets (Atheneum De Ring, Leuven), Bart Mesuere (Universiteit Gent), Peter Dawyndt (Universiteit Gent)

# Introduction

Dodona ( (opens new window)) is an online learning environment for computer programming. The platform supports multiple programming languages and is made freely available to schools in support of their computer science education.

Students use their school account for authentication (both Office 365 and Smartschool are currently supported), register for courses and choose from hundreds of programming exercises. They use the built-in editor for submitting their solutions and receive automatically generated feedback after just a few seconds. Based on this feedback, they adjust or further refine their solutions. At any time they can monitor their own progress through the learning path of a course and are reminded about upcoming deadlines for assignments.

Teachers can create an unlimited number of courses in which they outline a learning path with exercises for a specific target audience. They choose from carefully designed exercises with varying degrees of difficulty. As an alternative, they can add their own exercises to Dodona, and share them with their colleagues if they wish to do so. Learning analytics allow them to constantly monitor the progress of all students in their courses, both individually and as a group.

# Workshop outline

Two teachers who use Dodona in secondary education as support for their programming classes, guide you in an interactive exploration of all aspects of this learning environment. Bring your own laptop to this hands-on workshop for the ultimate user experience.

At the outset you take the role of a student to see the possibilities of the platform through their eyes. In this way, you experience the added value of an online co-teacher that immediately gives feedback on solutions that you submit for programming assignments. You will soon enough find out that this feedback takes various forms that you can use to detect and fix bugs in your code.

Afterwards, you learn how to design your own course in no time as a teacher. From the workshop you take your personal course back to school, where you can bring it into practice with your own students. In the run-up to the workshop, team Dodona will link the Office 365 or Smartschool accounts from your school to Dodona (please let us know in advance if your school uses a different authentication protocol).

# Contact

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