# TESTed judge

This is the reference for the TESTed judge. TESTed is a polyglot judge, supporting multiple programming languages.

# Supported programming languages

TESTed supports 7 programming languages:

  • Bash 5.0.3
  • C (gcc 8.3.0)
  • Haskell (ghc 8.4.4)
  • Java 11
  • JavaScript (NodeJS v14)
  • Kotlin 1.4.10
  • Python 3.9

# Creating exercises

As with all exercises for Dodona, you'll need to write a description and define some tests. For TESTed, the tests are written in a testplan. Since TESTed supports multiple programming languages, an exercise is not written directly. Instead, an exercise template is written, which will be converted to the actual exercises by TESTed.

You probably want to start with the guide on creating an exercise template.

We also have some useful references:

# Adding a programming language

Adding a programming language to TESTed is relatively easy. If you want to add one, we recommend that you contact us first. We do have a comprehensive guide on [nl] adding a new programming language, if you want to have an idea of what it takes to add a programming language to TESTed.